Colorful paintings

The pictorial works of Yuna Bert are always somehow situated in the infancy of art, as childhood represents an indisputable source of inspiration to her. The artist has developed this series of paintings from a variety of materials and support bases (oils, oils and acrylics on canvas) to return to a childlike spirit allowing her to cast an amazed eye upon the world. Recalling the world of dance, ballet or childish games, these paintings, with one notable exception, all show children seen from behind watching far ahead into an invisible landscape. Again, it is up to the viewer to imagine what is not shown, but merely suggested.

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Girls Talk

This series of paintings by Yuna Bert was created using several kinds of paint, sometimes used separately (oil and acrylic on canvas) and sometimes combined. The artist has a real fondness for light, smooth and flat materials. In all these paintings, the main protagonists are women whose faces we never see completely, as if the viewer has to mentally fill in the blanks. The common denominator of these paintings is that they were composed from a series of black and white photographs representing women in motion. Like the photographs that inspired them, the paintings represent glimpses, slices of life, incomplete narratives that are just waiting to be developed in the viewer’s mind.

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Men talk

This new series of paintings of Yuna Bert – originally mixing oil and acrylic on canvas – is less a surprise than a real paradigm shift because, for the first time, having previously explored the lost paradise of the Children and the mysteries of femininity, she focuses on men conversing. The characters of these paintings are still caught up in the movement, sketched in their daily activities. Whether standing or seated, face or three quarters, their faces are never visible in full, we do collect the best parts. The viewer must find the missing details of the paintings, conjure their absence. In the ‘Men Talk’ series, these interrupted stories lauch an interpretative and narrative challenge to the viewer. This one must resume the story line and complete the pending story.

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