Deer – 80 x 60 cm – oil, acrylic on canvas – 2017


The deer is a universal symbol associated with the East, sunrise, light, purity, renewal, creation and spirituality, but also with loneliness. Characteristic qualities of deer: swiftness, grace and beauty. Deer are wonderful messengers and guides. They imitate the healing powers, especially the ability to find medicinal herbs. The deer, in addition, is a symbol of caution and acute hearing. In China, the deer is connected with wealth (abondance) and luck. The deer is a strong magical defender, one of the spiritual patrons of the Siberian peoples.


The bird feather symbolizes truth, lightness, Heaven, height, speed, space, soul, element of wind and air, opposed to the principle of humidity, dryness, travel beyond the material world. In a broader sense, feathers worn by shamans, priests or rulers symbolized a magical connection with the world of spirits or divine authority and patronage.
Two feathers symbolize light and air, the two poles are Sunday.


There is no exact definition for any symbol; each symbol is open to interpretation and birds are no exception to this. Their symbolism can vary greatly depending on different cultures and religion. The Blackbird is generally thought to be a symbol of temptations of the flesh and it has a deep significance to Christians as a religious symbol. The Devil appeared to St Benedict to tempt him in the form of a blackbird. It is also considered a symbol of the human soul and symbolizes intelligence, wisdom and joy.


 Based on the Victorian interpretation, giving away the crocus means cheerfulness and gladness.  It also has some meaning related to mirth – mostly gay and full of glee just like the youth.  Therefore, the crocus also symbolizes youthfulness.

There are different legends that go with the crocus flower.  One pertains to Valentine’s Day where a Roman physician, Valentinus healed the sick with natural remedies as well as praying for his patients.  Christian practices such as prayer were not allowed during the time of Claudius II and the physician was arrested. At prison, the jailor’s daughter used to be one of Valentinus’ patients.  As the last effort to cure the patient, Valentinus gave the jailor a note for his blind patient.  Together with this note, he put a yellow crocus.  When the jailor’s daughter opened this note, the first thing she saw was the yellow crocus.  The letter was signed, from your Valentine and so goes the story of the first valentine letter ever sent.

NUMBER 7 (seven crocuses)

The first number of a regular hexagon (six faces and one center).
Three and four form seven together, another sacred number. Containing a triple as a symbol of Heaven and soul and four as a symbol of the Earth and the body, the seven is the first number embracing both the spiritual and the temporal. The number of sacraments pertaining to the spiritual side of things is a mysterious divine power in nature.
Seven is the mystical nature of man: 7 = 3 (mind, soul, spirit) + 4 (world). The seven doors of man: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth.
In addition, seven – the number of the universe, the macrocosm, means completeness and totality.
And not only on earth, but also in heaven there is this seven: in the seven stars of the Great Bear (sometimes they are considered « inviolate », since they are visible all year round in the northern hemisphere), in seven stars of each truly constellated constellation. For truly the number seven, depicting the three fundamental principles of the world, reflected in the fourfold law of dynamics, is the number governing the life of the Cosmos. The three higher principles dominate the four lower and possess their elements.
The number seven is perfection, confidence, security, peace, abundance, restoration of the integrity of the world, synthesis, as well as virginity and the number of the Great Mother. The seven cosmic eras, the Seven Heavens, the regions of hell, the main planets and the corresponding metals, the world spheres, the rays of the Sun (the seventh ray of the Sun is the path by which a person passes from this world to the next). Seven human ages, pillars of wisdom, rainbow colors, days of the week, notes, octaves, wonders of the world, seven deadly sins, seven categories of absolute appreciation.